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Final steps


What happens after all copyediting has been completed, the author has made all desired changes, and any requested cleanup editing has been finalized?


The author writes or commissions the completion of all front matter, cover content, artwork, etc., often including a foreword, dedication, acknowledgements, author bio, and summary of content. I am happy to help you with the written content.


The author may request promotional blurbs by other authors or authorities to be used on the cover, inside front pages, or promotional material.


The copyright page is prepared. If you hope to sell your book in retail outlets, you will need to purchase an ISBN number. If you are using a traditional publisher, the publisher will take care of these two items for you. If you are self-publishing, you or your printer will obtain the number.


You will want to have your editor check all this "extra" material carefully so that you don’t introduce errors.


At this point, the manuscript is ready for formatting and typesetting. The publisher or printer delivers a proof to the author. The proofreader (often the author) checks for typographical errors and mistakes that may have been introduced in the production stage--omitted text, inconsistencies in font or spacing, etc. (All other changes at this point are prohibitively expensive!)


Your project will benefit from my experience as a professional writer and editor. I can edit your manuscript in adherence with the Chicago Manual of Style or the Associated Press Stylebook. Additional style requirements, such as using your company's style sheet or other style guides, can be accommodated by arrangement.

Advanced editing levels


Level 4: Comprehensive Editing and Rewriting

Heavy editing, including all the above services and more. Entire document will be checked for logical flow of ideas. Paragraphs or pages may be rearranged or rewritten to meet your purposes. Readability will be analyzed to determine the appropriateness of the vocabulary and sentence structured used, and necessary rewriting will target your intended audience in the most effective manner. Spelling of names of individuals, places, and corporations will be checked.


Level 5: Technical Editing

All above services with the addition of technical elements. Ensure key terms and vocabulary lists meet publisher criteria. Mark for indexing. Review subheads for consistency with content. Ensure that previews, summaries, and end-of-chapter questions reflect content. Enforce consistent style and tone in manuscripts with multiple authors. NOTE: I offer technical editing only for self-published books. Most publishing houses have their own technical editors.


Level 6: One-on-one Developmental Editing

I do not offer ghost-writing services; however, if your project is one that is particularly interesting to me, I may be available to work with you in developing your book. Please contact me with your ideas and proposal for this level of editing.


Basic editing levels


Level 1: Ultra-Light

Correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Correct subject-verb agreement, tense, and usage. Change fragments and run-ons to complete sentences. Ensure consistency in fonts, numerals, hyphenation, and other style components.


Level 2: Light

All Level 1 services with more advanced editing of word choice and usage. Replace weak or repetitive words, clichés, and minority-sensitive terms. Clarify confusing sentences. Check accuracy of references to tables, graphs, and illustrations. Ensure parallel structure.


Level 3: Moderate

All Levels 1 and 2 services with advanced restructuring and rewriting of paragraphs to enhance clarity. Improve transitions between paragraphs and sections. Add topic sentences where needed. Ensure logical or chronological ordering of ideas within paragraphs. Change passive voice to more effective active voice. Replace verbs of being with action verbs wherever possible.


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